Two pages of one of the scrapbooks featuring former University of Texas golfer Tom Kite, with newspaper clippings, a photograph and a scorecard, from the Tom Kite Scrapbooks, put together by Tom Kite's mother, Mauryene Kite.

Beginning at the Austin Country Club, Tom Kite’s rise in golf saw him become one of the most consistent and well-regarded golfers of the twentieth century. Trained under the tutelage of Harvey Penick, whose records are also held at the Stark Center, Kite’s papers tell both the personal story of Kite’s rise to fame and the evolution of the sport itself. The collections most interesting piece is undoubtedly the Tom Kite Scrapbook. Created by Tom’s mother, Mauryene, the scrapbook began in 1961, long before Kite’s iconic victory in Pebble Beach in 1992. Unlike other scrapbooks, Mauryene’s efforts proved to be incredibly long lasting and in depth. Chronically her son’s achievements through news clips, rosters, scorecards and letters, programs, Mauryene produced twenty scrapbooks in total. Thankfully for historians and researchers, each of the hundred or so pages found in each scrapbook is meticulously dated and detailed. Done from a place of immense pride, Mauryene’s scrapbooks mark a rare, but wonderful, piece in the Stark’s golfing records.

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