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The undefeated 1914 University of Texas football team wearing the Texas Longhorns blankets, the first time the term Longhorn was used; from the Clyde Raab Littlefield Collection, in the 1914: A Perfect Season Gallery.

Clyde Rabb Littlefield

Clyde Rabb Littlefield, son of famous UT track and Field coach Clyde Littlefield, first met Center directors Jan and Terry Todd in approximately 2006 when he visited them in their offices at Anna Hiss Gym to discuss his father, Coach Littlefield, and to ask for help with some research on the history of his father’s...

September 30, 2018February 12, 2020
Former University of Texas track and field coach Clyde Littlefield with a hat and wearing a suit, likely from the Clyde Raab Littlefield Collection.

Clyde Littlefield: The Life of a Texas Legend

“Patience becomes few Texans. Nor do they wear modesty well…Though Texas-born, Texas reared, this mild mannered gentlemen has built up a reputation through the years as a calm, kindly and infinitely patient man” Zipp Newman, News Sports Editor. It has been said that sprinters are born, not made. Clyde Littlefield was a born sprinter; and...

Bill and Caity Henniger of Rogue Fitness and Stark Center co-founder Jan Todd in the main lobby; the He Liked Big Things Gallery about Stark Center co-founder Terry Todd is in the background.

Bill and Caity Henniger / Rogue Fitness

Bill Henniger and his wife Caity Matter Henniger are the owners and operators of Rogue Fitness, one of the largest and most reputable manufacturers of strength and conditioning equipment. From humble beginnings in Bill’s garage back in 2006, the company has grown exponentially, now employing over 600 workers at its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. All...

September 14, 2018January 31, 2020