Bill and Caity Henniger of Rogue Fitness and Stark Center co-founder Jan Todd in the main lobby; the He Liked Big Things Gallery about Stark Center co-founder Terry Todd is in the background.

Bill Henniger and his wife Caity Matter Henniger are the owners and operators of Rogue Fitness, one of the largest and most reputable manufacturers of strength and conditioning equipment. From humble beginnings in Bill’s garage back in 2006, the company has grown exponentially, now employing over 600 workers at its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. All along the way, Bill and Caity have remained committed to giving back to their community – both locally in the Columbus area, and within the greater strength community as a whole. In recent years, Rogue has sponsored many of the premier events in strength sports, and since 2014, they have been a leading sponsor of the work of the Stark Center.

The Hennigers have made significant annual contributions to help offset our operating expenses since that time, and we are deeply grateful to them for their support. Their contributions have been targeted toward the digitization of our materials, and the new area of our website – called the Strongman Project – is largely made possible by their generosity. Stark Center directors Terry and Jan Todd have also collaborated with Rogue Fitness on a series of documentary films about the history of strength and strength performers, which has brought great credit to the Center.

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