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Strongman Ottley Coulter, with some of the books in his physical culture library, from the Ottley Coulter Collection.

Coulter was a vaudeville strongman, author, and collector.  As his vaudeville days came to a close, he moved into supporting...

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Books from founding member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Allan J. Ryan, from the Allan J. Ryan Collection, in the closed stacks.

Dr. Allan J. Ryan was a founding member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), served as president of...

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A vintage red and green golf club cart with spoked wheels, donated by golf writer and historian Jim Apfelbaum, from the Jim Apfelbaum Collection, in the closed stacks room.

Writer, broadcaster and historian, Jim Apfelbaum is the first, and as yet only, three-time winner of the annual Southern Texas...

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Weightlifter Bob Samuels pressing a barbell overhead with two hands, while nine other weightlifters look on, from the Bob Samuels Collection.

Bob Samuels (1911- 2000) was a pioneer powerlifting and Olympic-style weightlifting competitor and coach. Born in New York City to...

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1969 National Championship University of Texas football team pins for Coach Darrell K. Royal and his wife Edith Royal, from the Darrell K. Royal Collection.

It is impossible to discuss University of Texas football with mentioning, at some point, legendary coach, Darrell K Royal.  Although...

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Bodybuilder Stanley Rothwell, in a classical pose, from the Stanley Rothwell Collection.

Stanley Rothwell was a British physical culturist and educator best known as a writer, fitness model, bodybuilder, boxer, and wrestler....

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Anna Hiss Gym, named for former University of Texas instructor of physical education Anna Hiss, in a photograph from 1952, from the Anna Hiss Collection.

Anna Hiss was an instructor of physical education at The University of Texas at Austin from 1918 until her retirement...

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The 1986 University of Texas at Austin Women's Basketball National Champions, from the University of Texas Women's Basketball and Intercollegiate Athletics Collection.

The Jody Conradt Collection documents the career, milestones, and major events in the life of Jody Conradt, the winningest coach...

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Magazines and bound magazines, including the Journal of Health, in the periodical stacks.

Steve Wennerstrom is an expert on the history of women’s bodybuilding.  He has served as the International Federation of Bodybuilders...

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Three footballs presented to former University of Texas football coach Mack Brown after Texas' wins in games on October 10, 1998 versus Oklahoma 34-3; October 23, 1999 versus Nebraska 24-20; and November 6, 2004 versus Oklahoma State 56-35; from the Mack Brown Collection.

Mack Brown served as head coach of the University of Texas Longhorns Football Team from 1998 until 2013. During his...

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Twelve health and physical culture books from vegetarian Maude Frank, in the Maude Frank Collection, in the closed stacks.

This collection documents John Hordines’ career as a physical educator, wrestling coach, and sportswriter. The collection includes materials from Hordines’...

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Twenty books on the shelves in the closed stacks, including Best Sports Stories for several years, donated by sports fan and collector William B. Ward, from the William B. Ward Collection.

A Wichita Falls, Texas native, William B. Ward was an avid sports fan and collector of sports memorabilia. Reflected in...

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William Taft Collection

Retired University of Missouri journalism professor and Bernarr Macfadden scholar, Taft collected an amazing array of research materials on Bernarr...

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Bodybuilder David P. Willoughby's Arm Art Drawing, including an arm and a dumbbell, from the David P. Willoughby Collection.

Willoughby was a weightlifting historian, artist, and anthropometrist. He authored a number of books, including The Super Athletes; helped form the...

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Physical culture items, including books and a plaster cast of a hand, in a display case, in the Reading Room; a statue and photograph of former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry are in the background.

Dr. Charles Yesalis has studied the role of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) and other performance enhancing drugs (PED) in sports and...

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Wrestler and strongman George F. Jowett pressing a barbell overhead with one hand, from the scrapbooks in the George F. Jowett Collection.

Jowett was a strongman, promoter, author, and magazine editor whose career spanned the period 1910-1960. With David Willoughby and Ottley...

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Bodybuilder Doris Barrilleaux at the 2011 Opening of the Joe and Betty Weider Museum of Physical Culture; a photograph of Barrilleaux posing and another of her with bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger are two of the four photographs in the background.

Known as the “First Lady of Bodybuilding,” Doris Barrilleaux founded the Superior Physique Association (SPA), and had leadership positions with...

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Dr. Gary Wadler Collection

Dr. Gary Wadler was an American internist with special expertise in the field of drug use in sports. Dr. Wadler served as a...

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