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Robert (Bob) Goldman Collection

Robert (Bob) Goldman began as an athlete, foremost as a wrestler who had dreams of making it to the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, his knees could not stand the torque put upon them by that diversion and Goldman had to choose a different sporting route. He instead became proficient in both push-ups and sit-ups, setting world records in each activity. Goldman studied muscle mechanics and steroid biochemistry for three years after graduating from Brooklyn College. He then matriculated at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, becoming a Doctor of Osteopathy. Goldman went on to found the High Technology Fitness Research Institute in Chicago. He assists the International Federation of Bodybuilders (I.F.B.B.) in their efforts to rid their discipline of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.  His Papers comprise twenty-nine binders and five boxes containing 122 folders, with a further seven pieces of framed material. Twenty-seven of the binders relate to the drug and medical equipment policies; two additional binders discuss the international competitiveness of the United States pharmaceutical industry and the pricing of prescription drugs globally. The folders contain research and notes associated with four books: Death in the Locker Room: Steroids and Sports, Death in the Locker Room II: Drugs and Sports, The E-Factor: The Secrets of New Tech Training and Fitness for the Winning Edge (all by Drs. Robert Goldman and Ronald Klatz) and The Male Hormone by Paul de Kruif.