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View of the Stark* Art exhibit showing posters of strongmen like Sandow and Irving

Lithography, a printmaking practice invented in 1796, allowed for the seemingly limitless duplication of text and illustration by applying crayon...

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The statue of the Farnese Hercules, in the main lobby; five of the six panels telling the story of H.J. Lutcher Stark and a painting of H.J. Lutcher Stark are visible on the left.

The Stark Center Lobby is an open hall welcoming visitors and orienting them to the facility and its collections. An...

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The Reading Room featuring a large wooden table; four of the Battle Cast statues, on loan from the Blanton Museum of Art, are also visible.

The Reading Room of the Stark Center library is filled with large, comfortable chairs as only a prodigious academic and...

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Eleven photographs of Stark Center co-founder Terry Todd, including one of Todd with wrestler and strongman Mark Henry, in the He Liked Big Things Gallery, in the main lobby.

Terry Todd was a man of many talents and grand visions. As a fifth-generation Texan he loved his family; Austin,...

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A wide photograph showing the full gallery which contains the exhibit Coaching Greatness.

In 1956, the Texas Longhorn football team recorded one win and nine losses, its worst ever season. That December, Darrell...

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A photograph of one of the walls in the Muscle Beach exhibit. Black and white photos show various people performing acrobatic stunts.

The pioneers of what came to be known as Muscle Beach – people like Les and Pudgy Stockton, Russ Saunders,...

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A photograph of the glass display case in the Strong Men, Strong Women exhibit. The contents of the case are a milo adjustable barbell, Donald Dinney's belt, Jack Shanks' lifting vest, and Minerva's loving cup and championship belt.

The golden age of professional strength performers – both men and women – lasted from approximately 1890 to 1930. A...

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