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Cover of the book Eternal Health Truths of a Century Ago, edited by naturopathic doctor Christopher Gian-Cursio, from the Sydell Herbst-Christopher Gian-Cursio Collection.

Barbells & Bios: The Sydell Herbst–Christopher Gian-Cursio Collection

Born in Rochester, New York in 1910, Christopher Gian-Cursio was one of America’s most outspoken, popular and reviled commentators on alternative medicine. Trained at Dr. Benjamin Lust’s American School of Naturopathy, Gian-Cursio came to practice what he termed Natural Hygiene for several decades. Like many practitioners of alternative medicine at this time, Gian-Cursio was against...

May 20, 2020February 19, 2020
Three commemorative "Game Ball" footballs given to Mack Brown for the 1998 The Cotton Bowl, the 1999 Graveyard Game (Texas vs Nebraska), and the 2004 Texas vs Oklahoma game

Mack Brown’s Commemorative Footballs

One of the amazing things about working at the Stark Center is the opportunity to see and interact with materials related to the amazing athletics programs at the University of Texas at Austin.  As one of the most storied programs in sports history, the University of Texas football program is a phenomenal resource for archival...

May 14, 2020May 15, 2020