As an avid, but unsuccessful golfer, I have a deep appreciation for those skilled in the sport. In a career spanning several decades, Penick was involved with the game at every level. From 1913 to 1923 he caddied at the Austin Country Club.  In 1923 he became the head professional right out of high school.  He remained the pro until retiring in 1971, when his son, Tinsley, took over the position.  From 1971 to 1995, Harvey continued as golf pro emeritus, coaching Ben Crenshaw, Betty Jameson, Tom Kite, Sandra Palmer, Betsy Rawls, Kathy Whitworth and Mickey Wright among others. Recently, and beautifully, chronicled by Kevin Robbins, Penick’s enduring legacy is undoubtedly his Little Red Book. The Little Red Book, co-authored with Bud Shrake and published in 1992 contains a multitude of advice on golf and life in general. Written in a style emblematic of a man known for his warmth and good humor, Penick’s Red Book became an instant best seller and remains a standard volume for coaches everywhere. Tucked within Penick’s collection at the Stark is his Little Red Book, a volume which meant so much to so many. Robbins work on Penick has already demonstrated the wealth of knowledge and depth found in Penick’s collection. The Little Red Book is undoubtedly the collection’s crowing jewel. 

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