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Geoff Schmalz graduated from Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 1998. He then worked in a variety of capacities for Barnes and Noble Booksellers in both Minnesota and Texas from 2000 to 2007. He entered the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin in the fall of 2006, graduating with a Master of Science in Information Studies in May of 2008. He focused his studies on Archival Enterprise.

Geoff joined the Stark Center staff in August of 2009.  Geoff has now completed several finding aids and metadata sets for the Stark Center.  Geoff is excited to delve into the Stark Center materials, to process them and to make them available through a computer finding aids. Finding aids are archival outline of the collections which will aid future researchers in the topics of physical culture and sports. Geoff is delighted to aid the Stark Center in its mission of educating the public about the history of sports, weight training, bodybuilding, and fitness. Geoff loves sports, especially UT Austin sports, and claims to be thrilled to have an office in DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium.

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