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Here’s to the Students!

Because of the pandemic and that stagnant period of time before vaccines were available, I (like most people) suffer from an affliction where I occasionally find it difficult to differentiate between the year 2020 and 2021. For nearly seventeen months, The Stark Center, as a physical space, was closed to the general public as well...

December 20, 2021September 30, 2022
Plaster Cast, 8-foot-tall, Ricky Williams

“Big Ricky” Comes to The Stark Center and Other New Artifacts

Last month, The Stark Center opened a new exhibit featuring sculptures by David Deming and Michael Deming. It’s called Degrees of Fitness / Sporting Bodies; if this is the first you’ve heard about it, click the title for more detailed information about the exhibit. I highly encourage everyone to make a trip to The Stark...

November 5, 2021November 5, 2021
John Davis, Jim Bradford, Norbert Schemansky, and Paul Anderson of the US Weightlifting Team stand behind a barbell.

STRONGMAN PROJECT Celebrates the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo by Looking Back at the Golden Age of American Weightlifting

According to weightlifting historian John Fair, the Golden Age of American Weightlifting was defined as the period from 1945 to 1960. It was a time when American athletes regularly populated the podiums of international weightlifting competitions. In fact, counting from the Paris World Championships in 1946 through the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, the United...

July 23, 2021July 23, 2021
Mark Henry

Celebrate Juneteenth with Mark Henry at The Strongman Project

In celebration of tomorrow’s Juneteenth holiday, I’ve published a new Feature over at The Strongman Project all about the life and strength career of Mark Henry. In a 2009 blog post titled “Broad Shoulders,” Terry Todd explains his detailed method for accurately measuring the width of Mark Henry’s shoulders. In the post’s final sentence, he...

June 18, 2021June 18, 2021
Clyde Littlefield & The Texas Relays

Clyde Littlefield & The Texas Relays

After last year’s cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays are back! This year’s meet is slightly different than usual. It will not include high school teams or individual athletes and it will take place over three days instead of four. The Clyde Littelfield Texas Relays is one of the nation’s...

March 27, 2021May 20, 2021

A New Page for Academic Conferences and Symposiums

As many of you know, The Stark Center hosted a virtual conference on January 15, 2021, called Physical Cultures of the Body. Twenty-one scholars representing thirteen different countries presented papers on the symbolic and cultural importance of the healthy and active body with reference to issues of race, gender, injury, strength, performance, eugenics, and much...

March 19, 2021September 30, 2022
Sean Connery as a young bodybuilder, kneeling pose, flexing arms, chest, and left leg.

Remembering Sean Connery as a Bodybuilder and Athlete

  Thomas Sean Connery’s breakthrough as an actor came in 1962 when he was cast in the role of James Bond, Agent 007 of the British Secret Intelligence Service, a fictional character adapted for the screen from Ian Fleming’s spy novels. Connery portrayed Bond in seven films, all of which were immensely successful. The worldwide...

November 4, 2020May 20, 2021
Black and White Portrait of Dudley Sargent

Stark Center materials quoted in an article on Dudley Allen Sargent

An article about Dudley Allen Sargent, “Belfast man pioneered physical education, influenced basketball’s creation and field hockey’s U.S. introduction”, published in the Penobscot Bay Pilot quotes some resources at the Stark Center.  The article quotes Jason P. Shurley, Jan Todd and Terry Todd’s book Strength Coaching in America: A History of the Innovation That Transformed...

October 5, 2020October 5, 2020