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Ryan Murtha's Headshot.

Congratulations to Ryan Murtha!

Ryan’s essay, “Untangling the Differences between Live and Filmed Sport, or Why are Sports Movies Bad?” was selected for the R. Scott Kretchmar Student Essay Award by the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport (IAPS). A three-member IAPS panel grants the award to an essay of outstanding quality addressing any philosophical issue arising in...

July 6, 2020July 6, 2020
A black fist, dusted with chalk, tape on the thumb, grips a barbell, alluding to the gesture of black power and solidarity in the context of strength training and physical culture.

A Statement on Racial Injustice

We at the Stark Center would like to offer our support to those courageous folks currently seeking solutions to the racial injustices which have plagued this nation since its founding. These deep-rooted issues permeate all facets of American life, including public health, as we’ve seen during the current COVID-19 pandemic, but also the realm of...

June 6, 2020June 10, 2020
Bodybuilder Stanley Rothwell, in a classical pose, from the Stanley Rothwell Collection.

Lunchtime Lecture with Dr. Broderick Chow on April 25th from 12-1pm

Please join us for a special lunchtime lecture with Dr. Broderick Chow, Senior Lecturer in Theatre at Brunel University London, based on his paper Becoming an Image: The Practiced Life of Stanley Rothwell. Dr. Chow’s research examines performance, art, and physical culture, and in this talk, he will explore physicality, performance, and self-presentation in Rothwell’s...

April 18, 2018June 9, 2020
Betty Weider at the 2011 Opening of the Joe and Betty Weider Museum of Physical Culture; the Wall of Icons panel for fitness star Jack LaLanne is in the background.

On the First Lady of Fitness, Betty Weider

Although Joe and Ben Weider are both widely recognized for their many contributions to fitness, most Americans know less about Betty Weider’s long involvement with fitness and the important role she played in launching the women’s fitness movement of the 1980s. This recent article does a nice job of highlighting some of her contributions. We...

June 6, 2016June 9, 2020

Clarence Bass at the Stark Center – Conference on Exercise Science and his New Book Take Charge.

Join us to celebrate the new book Take Charge: Fitness at the Edge of Science and the lifelong achievements of the author and bodybuilder Clarence Bass at a symposium on the role of science in exercise prescription.  Three panels led by world-renowned experts will discuss the implications of recent research on physical training.  The symposium...

September 5, 2013October 4, 2022
Headshot of Paul Dimeo

A Historian at the Crossroads of History

In early September 2012, Dr. Paul Dimeo, arrived at the Stark Center on the University of Texas campus.  Dimeo, a professor and sport historian from the University of Stirling in Stirling, Scotland, has been visiting UT as a Fulbright Scholar, and he has been using the archives available at the Stark Center and surrounding areas....

December 3, 2012February 12, 2020