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A Message from the Director

We are pleased to announce that the H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports is now open in our new location. After realizing many years ago that our growing collection was becoming too large for its current home in Anna Hiss Gym, my wife Jan and I began work on identifying a new location...

October 1, 2009May 9, 2023

Physical Culture

Twenty years ago, when we began publishing our journal, Iron Game History, we affixed a subtitle: “the Journal of Physical Culture.”  We did this because “Physical Culture” is an older and somewhat broader term than is “Physical Fitness,” although the latter is now much more widely used.  Sometimes people speak or write about “total fitness”...

September 23, 2009February 13, 2020

Filled with Power

My first message dealt with one aspect of the practical side of the Stark Center—the two miles of compacting shelves that are now being installed in our Archives area.  Today I’d like to touch on the aesthetic side of the Center—the side that speaks to beauty.  As most of you probably know, considerations of beauty,...

September 20, 2009February 12, 2020

An Introduction

Every day or so, beginning today, I plan to breathe a metaphorical song into the air.  That song, as it does in the second and lesser-known stanza of a poem by H.W. Longfellow, will fall to earth “I know not where.”  I hope that my songs, like Longfellow’s, eventually fall to earth just as his...

September 18, 2009February 12, 2020
People Magazine article about Stark Center co-founders Jan and Terry Todd, with a photograph of Terry on Jan's shoulders, from the January 29, 1979 issue, when Jan was considered by some to be the strongest woman in the world.

Body of Work

Originally published by Kay Randall on Top this boy-meets-girl story. Boy and girl are with a group of graduate students and faculty members in a Georgia meadow on a lazy summer afternoon, lolling after a filling picnic and a few cold beers. Some of the guys are sitting on a stack of logs and the...

April 1, 2005February 12, 2020
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