Dittmar’s Time at UT (1913 – 1917)

In 1917, when Gustav Charles Dittmar graduated from UT and entered the First Officer’s Training Camp in San Antonio, he left behind four years of fascinating memories.   There were the tough games against Notre Dame and A&M, the intense training camps in San Marcos, the relaxation of Barton Springs and the comradery of fraternity parties.  And, he left behind a fantastic record of those years, in the form of this thoughtfully compiled scrapbook.  The Dittmar Scrapbook gives us a small, but wonderful,  window to look upon the Texas collegiate world of 1913-1917.  Here you’ll find startling action photographs of rough football games, candid shots of team members enjoying an outing to Marble Falls, guileless photos of girlfriends, and newspaper clippings narrating the story of UT football.

Dittmar’s High School years from 1908 – 1912, includes vacations in summer at Seabrook, Tx (1914-1915)

Dittmar’s life from the 1940s – 1960s, including his military career