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Gustave “Pig” Dittmar Scrapbooks

Gustave “Pig” Dittmar Scrapbooks

Dittmar’s Time at UT (1913 – 1917) In 1917, when Gustav Charles Dittmar graduated from UT and entered the First Officer’s Training Camp in San Antonio, he left behind four years of fascinating memories.   There were the tough games against Notre Dame and A&M, the intense training camps in San Marcos, the relaxation of Barton...

Front Cover of the 1910 UT Football Thanksgiving Game Program

Texas vs Oklahoma 1910 Football Program

No Bevo, no “burnt orange,” and no “Hook ‘em.” No email, no cell phones, no 747s. The NCAA was barely five years old, the forward pass was a controversial rule change, and a touchdown was worth five points. The year was 1910 and these were just some of the conditions under which H.J. Lutcher Stark,...

Front Cover of the 1963 Texas Longhorn National Championship book

1963 Texas Longhorn National Championship

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