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Les Rois de la Force (The Kings of Strength) by Edmond Desbonnet

Les Rois de la Force (The Kings of Strength) by Edmond Desbonnet

Les Rois de la Force (The Kings of Strength), written by French physical culturist and magazine publisher Edmond Desbonnet, is regarded by sports historians and private collectors as one most significant books ever published on the history of the Iron Game. Although not yet published in an English translation, what makes the book so valuable...

Front Cover of Physical Culture February 1900

Physical Culture, 1899-1910

Launched in March 1899, Physical Culture, published by Bernarr Macfadden, contained dietary advice, weight training information, and an incredible collection of health-related articles. It continued to be published, with a number of name changes, until the early 1960s. Click on the button below to read through a selection of Physical Culture magazines dating from October 1899 to...

Front Cover of the 1910 UT Football Thanksgiving Game Program

Texas vs Oklahoma 1910 Football Program

No Bevo, no “burnt orange,” and no “Hook ‘em.” No email, no cell phones, no 747s. The NCAA was barely five years old, the forward pass was a controversial rule change, and a touchdown was worth five points. The year was 1910 and these were just some of the conditions under which H.J. Lutcher Stark,...

Front Cover of the 1963 Texas Longhorn National Championship book

1963 Texas Longhorn National Championship

The Stark Center also has some other flipbooks and collections you may also be interested in: Texas vs Oklahoma 1910 Football Program Flipbook Commemorative 1914 UT Longhorns Publication Flipbook Gustave “Pig” Dittmar UT Scrapbook Flipbook Darrell K Royal Collection Mack Brown Collection

Book Cover of The 100-Up Exercise

The 100-UP Exercise by W.G. George

A recent article in the New York Times Magazine has spurred renewed interest in W. C. George’s book The 100-Up Exercise. Because Mr. George’s running techniques are fueling some of the discussion surrounding barefoot running and because the book is very difficult to find, the Stark Center is pleased to offer a version of the book in its...

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