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Health and Life

Health and Life

Health and Life magazine was published in June 1922 as a “national monthly magazine for health, physical education and right living.”  Published by Health and Life Publishing Company of Chicago, Illinois with editor-in-chief Bernard Bernard, the magazine included a regular section on the American Continental Weightlifters’ Association.  By 1926 (Volume 5, No. 2), the magazine changed...

Ottley Coulter Collection –Scrapbooks

Ottley Coulter Collection –Scrapbooks

Ottley Coulter created several scrapbooks documenting various Strongmen and Strongwomen’s lives and careers through clippings and other materials. The strongmen and strongwomen documented in Ottley Coulter’s scrapbooks include Apollon, Louis Cyr, Katie Sandwina, Arthur Saxon and the Saxon Trio, Wilhelm Turk, Josef Steinbach, Hector Decarie, Henry Holtgrewe, F. B. Franks, Deriaz brothers, Stanislaus Zbyszko, Tony...

Banner of March 1915 Strength Magazine.

Strength Magazine, 1914-1930

Strength, first published in 1914, was the channel needed by Alan Calvert to get the public to start using weights. Calvert had opened his business, Milo Bar-Bell, in 1902, on the premise that lifting heavy weights was the key to strength and physical conditioning. His adjustable barbells paved the way for the development of progressive...

List of the forty-nine lifts sanctioned by American Continental Weight-Lifters Association (ACWLA), created by George F. Jowett and Ottley Coulter; this list was enclosed with a June 22, 1922 letter from Jowett to Coulter, from the Ottley Coulter Collection.

Ottley Coulter / George Jowett Correspondence

Ottley Coulter and George Jowett shared a life-long passion for weightlifting, believing it was not only a means to improve your physique but also an excellent channel for competitive energy. They wanted to see the sport of weightlifting receive national and international accolades; one step in that direction was the codification of competition rules. Their...

Front Cover of Prof. Attila Scrapbook

Professor Attila’s Scrapbook

The digitization of the pages in Attila’s scrapbook was made possible by a grant from the Utopia Project, an outreach of the General Library System at The University of Texas at Austin. The images were done on a special scanner that allows the book to rest upward in an open position rather than having to...

Wrestler and strongman George Hackenschmidt, with a sash of championship medals, and in a front single biceps pose, from the George Hackenschmidt Collection.

George Hackenschmidt Scrapbook

We are happy to make available the digitized version of one of our most important documents—the 600-page scrapbook owned for decades by George Hackenschmidt, the World Wrestling Champion during the early part of the 20th century. Read More about the scrapbook To learn more and to view other resources about George Hackenschmidt, check out the...