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Iron Game History: The Journal of Physical Culture

Iron Game History: The Journal of Physical Culture

Iron Game History: The Journal of Physical Culture (IGH) was founded in 1990 by Terry and Jan Todd who wanted to promote academic scholarship related to the history of the strength sports, exercise, nutrition, training for sport, and other aspects of physical culture.  Like the Stark Center itself, Iron Game History defines physical culture as “the various activities...

Health and Life

Health and Life

Health and Life magazine was published in June 1922 as a “national monthly magazine for health, physical education and right living.”  Published by Health and Life Publishing Company of Chicago, Illinois with editor-in-chief Bernard Bernard, the magazine included a regular section on the American Continental Weightlifters’ Association.  By 1926 (Volume 5, No. 2), the magazine changed...

Banner of March 1915 Strength Magazine.

Strength Magazine, 1914-1930

Strength, first published in 1914, was the channel needed by Alan Calvert to get the public to start using weights. Calvert had opened his business, Milo Bar-Bell, in 1902, on the premise that lifting heavy weights was the key to strength and physical conditioning. His adjustable barbells paved the way for the development of progressive...

Front Cover of Physical Culture February 1900

Physical Culture, 1899-1910

Launched in March 1899, Physical Culture, published by Bernarr Macfadden, contained dietary advice, weight training information, and an incredible collection of health-related articles. It continued to be published, with a number of name changes, until the early 1960s. Click on the button below to read through a selection of Physical Culture magazines dating from October 1899 to...