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Bill Wiman standing in front of his painting of a bodybuilder in the Teresa Lozano Long Art Gallery, in the main lobby.

“Portrait of a Powerlifter” by Bill Wiman

Painting, oil on canvas. At first glance, there is something curious in Bill Wiman’s “Portrait of a Powerlifter,” a familiarity in the subject’s muted facial expression, which grasps a viewer’s attention like the apparition of celebrity in a crowd. I wrongly assumed the powerlifter was someone famous, someone I’d seen in the movies. As it...

February 10, 2020February 13, 2020
Physical culture crystal sculpture of glass dancers, the Dancing Couple by Daum Studios, donated by Teresa Lozano Long.

Glass Dancers

Teresa Lozano Long gifted this crystal sculpture to the Stark Center in the spring of 2017. Jan and Terry were visiting Teresa at her home in Austin when she decided that the piece should decorate the center’s reading room. In the piece, two glass figures pose together in a balletic lift. The sculpture focuses on...

January 17, 2020January 31, 2020
Six bicycle Racers at the Hartford (Connecticut) Wheel Club's bicycle tournament in Stamford, Connecticut, in 1889; twelve spectators are in the stands behind the racers.

Bike racers at the Hartford Wheel Club’s bicycle tournament

The bicycle racers posing for this 1889 photograph in Stamford, Connecticut, at the height of the national craze for bicycle racing could not have known that it also captured the end of an era.  At the time this photo was taken, bicycle racing was a hugely popular sport and top riders were handsomely compensated. The...

February 1, 2019February 12, 2020