Black and White Portrait of Dudley Sargent

An article about Dudley Allen Sargent, “Belfast man pioneered physical education, influenced basketball’s creation and field hockey’s U.S. introduction”, published in the Penobscot Bay Pilot quotes some resources at the Stark Center.  The article quotes Jason P. Shurley, Jan Todd and Terry Todd’s book Strength Coaching in America: A History of the Innovation That Transformed Sports and  Carolyn de la Pena’s article “Dudley Allen Sargent: Health Machines and the Energized Male Body” from Iron Game History, Vol.8 No. 2, October 2003 issue.  The article also uses quotes from Carolyn de la Pena’s book The Body Electric: How Strange Machines Built the Modern American.  Carolyn de la Pena, a Ph.D. graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, used Stark Center collections to research her book. To learn more about other authors who have used Stark Center collections for research visit Publications Contributed to Stark Center Materials.

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