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We have a number of collections that have received only minimal processing, meaning the materials have been transferred to safe boxes, labeled and shelved.  These collections range from a single folder to over 50 boxes.  We are deeply grateful to these donors for giving us this important and relevant material but resource shortages have prevented us from cataloging, inventorying or otherwise processing them immediately.  As the collections do get processed, we’ll announce their availability on this web site.  Should you be interested in underwriting the cost of processing any collection, please contact Jan Todd, Director.

Generally, we do not allow use of unprocessed collections.  Even so, we recognize their potential value to researchers so will consider serious requests.  Below is a list of those collections; please contact Cindy Slater to discuss potential access to them.

Larry Abraham

Patrick Allen

Lynn Baker

Doris Barrilleaux

Jim Bayless

Hanno Beck

Laszlo Bencze

Jack Berryman

Patricia Bingham

Vic Boff

David Chapman

Charlie Craven

John Dawe

Alton Eliaison

Tom Ernst

John Fair

George Greenwood

Walter Fondren

Augie Garrido

Judy Gedney

Jesse Mercer Gehman

Jeremy Geiger

Christopher Gian-Cursio

Bob Goldman

Jack Gray

Diana Gump

Allen Guttmann

Bob Haugen

Bob Hoffman

Jack Hughes

Ira Hurley

John Ivy

John Jackson

Milton Jamail

Harry Johnson

Karl Klein

Sigmund Klein

Tommy Kono

Jack LaLanne

Dolly Lambdin

Mark Lambert

Al Leroux

Frank Litsky

Clyde Littlefield

Jim Lorimer

Carla Lowry

Bill Lumas

Lyn McCraw

Tom Parrish

Frances Pastruszenski

Judy Peterson (Stout Jackson)

John Pettitt

Peary & Mabel Rader

Louis Riecke

Jon Rieger

Sheila Roberts

Ben Shrake

Rosemary Slacks

Waneen Spirduso

Milo Steinborn

Pete Tyson

Ray Van Cleef

Nick Voinis

Kimon Voyages

David Webster

Stephanie Whiting

George Zachary (Tim Wilbur)

David Willoughby