Kim Beckwith

Assistant Director of Stark Center and Assistant Professor of Instruction

Kim Beckwith, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Kinesiology Department.  Alongside her teaching responsibilities, she oversees the Weight Training activity classes open to all UT students and serves as the Coordinator for the Strength and Conditioning Coaching specialization within the department. Kim met Jan and Terry Todd when she enrolled in a weight training class at UT as an undergraduate studying for her eventual Biological Sciences. With their encouragement, she joined the Longhorn Powerlifting Team and became one of the premier drug-free collegiate lifters in the country. She set many American and national collegiate records in two different weight classes won three national titles, and earned recognition as the strongest collegiate female, pound-for-pound, in the American Drug Free Powerlifting Association for three straight years.

Kim became interested in studying the history of physical culture and exercise while taking classes to earn her M.Ed. in Sports Administration. She began volunteering her time to Iron Game History as the business/subscription manager and offered to help in cataloging the collection. Exposure and access to so much unique physical culture history piqued her interest and eventually caused her to obtain her Ph.D. in Sport History. Her dissertation examined the life and impact of one of the pioneers of American weight training: “Building Strength: Alan Calvert, the Milo Bar-bell Company, and the Modernization of American Weight Training.”

Before returning to graduate school, Kim taught at Austin Community College from 1991 to 2000. Since 1995, she has served as the coach and faculty mentor of the Longhorn Powerlifting Club and has directed the USAPL Longhorn Open Powerlifting Championships each fall. In 2009, Kim began Olympic lifting and competed as a master’s lifter at both the national and international levels.  She has served as the faculty mentor for the UT Weightlifting Club since 2017.

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