Scrapbook #12

This scrapbook features photographs of family members, birth and death certificates, tickets, photographs of family members, strongmen, and Steinborn himself. Steinborn’s scrapbook is available on Strongman Project.

Page three of Milo Steinborn's scrapbook

Scrapbook #20

This scrapbook was assembled by Milo Steinborn himself. The pages of this scrapbook contain photos, newspaper articles, and postcards of wrestlers documenting the strongmen, wrestlers, and prize fighters of the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. The wrestlers and strongmen in the photos are posing in various styles individually, as well as in several large group photos from different wrestling competitions. There are also colored drawings of prize fighters from the late nineteenth century and still photos of prize fights of some of the greatest boxers in history, like Jack Dempsey and Jim Corbett. 

Below you can view this scrapbook as a flipbook:

Scrapbook #20 is also available on the Strongman Project in PDF format.

Scrapbook #21

This scrapbook contains photos weightlifter and bodybuilders from the 1940s through the 1960s. Steinborn’s scrapbook is available on Strongman Project.

Photograph from Milo Steinborn #21 scrapbook

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