National Champions

After No. 1 rankings and high expectations in their previous two seasons, the Longhorns finally capitalized against USC in the 1986 National Championship, making history in the process as the first team to go undefeated at 34-0.


Georgia Coach Andy Landers on the 1986 Longhorns: “You could take their first five, mix them up with five high school players, take their second five, mix them up with five high school players, and you’d still have four teams probably good enough to be in the Top 10.”


Jody Conradt about the game:  “The first thought was perfection. Immediately after the USC game, it just hit me that we had accomplished something no other team had. There will be a champion crowned every year, but the undefeated championships will form an elite group.”


Conradt would be proved right. Since 1982, there have been only six other undefeated teams, Tennessee, Texas, and Connecticut comprising that group.


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Photo credit: Susan Allen Sigmon, UT Athletics