In 1933, Intramural Sports for Women and the University of Texas Sports Association were formed with UTSA serving as the head of women’s sports clubs on campus. The organization was student elected and governed and oversaw program operations. Member dues and other projects funded UTSA and belonging to a club was considered a sign of prestige on campus. Occasionally, teams would travel to other schools, but mostly competed on campus. UTSA was also rooted in Hiss’s ideologies, only meeting weekly in the belief that women should not be active more than once a week. Additionally, students were allowed to belong to only one club. At this point in time, interclass games were less common and women’s basketball functioned largely under Intramurals and consisted of sororities, dormitories, and other groups playing against each other in orange and white bracket tournaments.


Photo credit: H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports, Anna Hiss Collection