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Stark Center Endowment

Please consider donating now to our current endowment funds:

1) The Roy J. McLean Centennial Fellowship

2) The Joe Weider Physical Culture Fund

Or, our newest endowment fund—

3) The Terry and Jan Todd Excellence Fund

Or, consider establishing a new endowment to honor yourself, your family, a friend, someone you admire, or some other entity.  For more information on endowments, please contact Jan Todd.

Endowment earnings come from financial gifts (or gifts of property that UT can sell to generate funds) that are invested so that the principal is not normally touched and the fund continues to grow while the Stark Center uses a portion of the interest earned by the account to cover operational expenses. (Endowments normally pay 4.5 to 5% a year to the recipient of the gift so a $1M gift generates approximately $45K to $50K in its first year—and then grows incrementally in the years ahead.)