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Joe and his brother, Ben, both had a good eye for sculpture and paintings that reflected the history and emotion of bodybuilding, weight lifting, and strength development. The Stark Center is the happy recipient of several works of art collected by the Weiders. In our Reading Room, you’ll find a series of small bronze statues watching over the bookcases, along with a rendering of the Mr. Olympia winner’s trophy – Frederick Pomeroy’s Sandow statue. Throughout the Center, you’ll spot other statues, paintings, and artifacts including The Eye of Joe Weider by Rieger, Longhorn Stampede by Harry Jackson, and a scene from an Austrian beer hall, painted by Lorenzo Ghiglieri for his friend, Joe Weider. Perhaps the most important piece in this donation was Sandow As a Roman Wrestler by E. Aubrey Hunt, a large portrayal of the great strongman Eugen Sandow.