Physical Cultures of the Body

Virtual Conference, 2024

Physical Cultures of the Body Award Winners

David P. Webster Graduate Student Essay Award and  Terry Todd Award for Best Paper by a Working Scholar

Terry Todd (left) and David P. Webster, O.B.E. (right)

The David P. Webster Graduate Student Essay Award was won by Townsend Rowland, The University of Notre Dame, for his essay  “A Social History of Protein Supplements.”

The Terry Todd Award for Best Paper by a Working Scholar was won by Emma Pihl Skoog, Södertörn University, for her essay “The Value of the Body in Professional Swedish Strength Sports in the Early and Mid-twentieth Century.”

Headshots of Townsend Rowland and Emma Pihl Skoog 2024 Physical Culture of the Body's Award Winners


Below is a list of the 2024 Physical Cultures of the Body conference presentation videos with whom the participants gave us written consent to publish the recording of their presentation.  More videos may come so please check back.

Alison Yam Wah So
(Un)Promising Figures?: The Making of Weighty Children’s Bodies in Post-war Hong Kong

Airnel T. Abarra
“Empowerment or Hegemonic Subservience?” Female Bodybuilding in the Developing World

Natascha Louw
Twenty Years of South African Rugby Performace and Institutional Herstories, 2004-2024

Sheng-mei Ma
Din Tao: Wǔ the Body Writ, Wù the Body Rid

Emma Pihl Skoog
The Value of the Body in Professional Swedish Strength Sports in the Early and Mid-twentieth Century

Eduardo Galak
The Formation of Sports Sensibility: Images from the First Olympic Games and the Construction of a Trained Eye (1904-1948)

Conor Heffernan
Between Glamour and Grappling: Dissecting 1970s Apartment Wrestling in America

David Chapman
Naked Amazons of the Arena: Female Wrestling in Belle Epoque France

Rachel Ozerkevich
Tracing a History of Erotic Strength Performance: Lisa Lyon through Robert Mapplethrope’s Lens

Alec Hurley
On Corpulence, Athleticism, and Image: Examining Masculinity through Fat Men’s Clubs at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

K. Mitchell Snow
Who was the Unmasked Man? Enrique Ugartechea, Sandow and the Beginnings of Mexican Lucha Libre

Yizhen Cai & Eileen O’Connor
Balancing Mind, Body and Qi: Towards a Social History of Tai Chi in Ottawa, Canada

Joshua Kulseth & David Larmour
Body of Proof: Somatic Transformation in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Analise Pugh
Soccer is Life: Disciplining Citizenship through Girls Youth Club Soccer in San Francisco

Cara Snyder
From Visibility to Opacity: on Brazil’s First Trans Soccer Team and their Representational Strategies

Erin Crownover
A content analysis comparing the qualitative coverage of women in Sports Illustrated and womenSports magazine issues during 1976

Todd Tuetken
The History of Stress Science and its Influences on Modern Sports Training Theory

Derek Catsam
Run Fast, Study Hard: The Professor Returns to Coaching

Marian Alexandrova
Between Tradition and Innovation: Physical Training in the Russian Imperial Army

Laura J. Mueller
Why Don’t I want to be Fat? Wegovy, Weight Loss, and the Virtues of Wellness

Sara H. Woolwine
Am I Fat? Controversies Over the Meaning & Medical Consequences of Fatness

D. Lance Marsh
Does it Matter if I’m Fat? Re-examing Body-type and Training in the Body Positive Landscape

Townsend Rowland
A Social History of Early Protein Supplements

Aidan Hughes
“The More You Take, the More You’s Grow:: Underground Steroid Handbooks and the Golden Age Bodybuilding Subculture

Peter J. Miller
Rose-Tinted Marble: Physical Culture and Classical Antiquity

Bennett Burek
A Nation Once Again: Hurling and the reinvigoration of Physical Culture in Ireland

Jason Shurley
John Fair: A Weight Lifter Who Likes Weight Lifting and Weight Lifters

John Fair
The Power of Pain