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Below is a list of the 2023 Physical Cultures of the Body conference participants that have provided written consent to the publication of a recording of their presentation. Clicking on the title of each presentation will begin playing its video recording.

Dr. Basudhita Basu
Physical Exercise as Preventive Medicine: Looking Back at Colonial Bengal (circa 1860 – 1947)

Maria (Natascha) Louw, Francois Johannes Cleophas, and Wilbur Kraak
Reconstructing Performance Narratives of Three Herstorically Significant Springbok Women Rugby Players Between 2002 and 2016

Una Tamlyn Visser, Francois Johannes Cleophas
Rhythmic Gymnastics: A Woman’s World?

Airnel T. Abarra, Tamás Doczi, and Janice Juaban
Dynamics of Coaching Female Bodybuilders vis-à-vis On-Site and Virtual Environments: An Ethnographic Approach

Elsa Richardson
Diversions Day by Day: Gamification and the Edwardian Workplace

Harry Hayfield
A History of Muscle: From the Dawn of Time to the Modern Age

John Fair
“On The Horns of a Dilemma”: The Beleaguered Life of Hitler’s Greatest Weightlifter

Conor Heffernan
Professor Szalay and the Birth of British Weightlifting

Adam Mills
Edward ‘Ned’ Hanlan: A Role Model of Canadian Values 

Charles Stocking
The Meaning of Marathon: New Evidence on an Old Problem 

Eduardo Galak
A Transnational Image of the Educated Body: Physical Culture in Newsreels from Argentina, Spain, and Italy (1934-1944)

Graham Hudson
The Art Work Out 

Alec S. Hurley
Physical Culture and Social Conservatism: Examining Progress through Paradox in Frederick Law Olmsted and Bernard McQuaid’s Parks Development in Rochester, NY

Max Leconte
Les Nouveaux Rois de la Force: The Forgotten Culture of French Weightlifting During the Interwar Period

Rachel Ozerkevich
Glamorous, Feminine, and Muscular: The Problem of the Strongwoman in French Advertising Posters, 1879-1899

David Chapman
Wrestling at the Fête Foraine: Force, Farce, and Film