1914: A Perfect Season

1914: A Perfect Season is open at the H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports. We welcome you to an exhibit celebrating the perfect 1914 football season and the individuals who made it possible.

Which team was the greatest in Longhorn football history? Averaging over 50 points per game, many would claim the 2005 National Champion Longhorns. Before, however, the 2005 championship team, before the 1970, 1969, and 1963 championship teams, there was the 1914 Longhorn football team. Setting the stage for future UT football excellence and prestige, the 1914 team dominated, achieving a points-per-game record that stood for 91 years, and a total season score of 358 to their opponents’ 21. Come take a journey back to when The University of Texas had just over 2,000 students enrolled, when Austin had 32,000 residents, and when the average height and weight of an offensive lineman was 5’10” and 175lbs. Take a journey to 1914, and experience what made 1914 UT Longhorn Football great.

The exhibit is open during Stark Center hours and features never-before-seen images, info, and stories about what made this team so extraordinary. Click here to read Terry Todd’s blog about Clyde Littlefield and the 1914 team.

Presented for your perusal and information, here is a publication from 1915 that celebrates the 1914 UT football season. The game-by-game feats and their measures are chronicled within its pages. We welcome you to deepen your understanding of this historic season through this digitized artifact.