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The Stark Center supports the efforts of UT Athletics, with whom we share space in the North End Zone building, to provide a safe and healthy environment for student-athletes, staff, faculty, and visitors.  As part of their effort to minimize exposure to the covid-19 virus, UT Athletics has instituted a screening process for anyone needing access to the building – and that includes anyone visiting the Stark Center.  To assist with this goal, the Stark Center will require all visitors to make an appointment at least 30 minutes before you arrive.  You may make the appointment by calling staff at 512-471-0995 or emailing the Stark Center.    You will then be sent a confirmation email that will contain detailed instructions about the screening process.

In brief, the screening process requires that you:

  1. Complete a simple online screening survey regarding any potential exposure to covid-19.  Based on your answers, you will receive an email that indicates you are cleared to come in.  Bottom line – stay home if you are feeling sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick!
  2. Arrive at Gate 14 (wheelchair entrance) of the North End Zone.  You MUST have a mask/face covering to enter.
  3. Stop at and use the hand sanitizer provided.
  4.  Proceed to the temperature checkpoint.  If your temperature is normal, you will receive a color-coded wrist band.
  5. You must wear your mask and wrist band at all times – this includes in the Stark Center.

Please note: the Stark Center continues to be open from 9:00am – 5:00pm.  However, building entry access will close at 3:00pm.  You must be in the Stark Center before 3:00pm.

Once you have cleared this process, proceed to the elevator lobby marked “Stark Center” and take the elevators to Level 5.  You will exit into our main lobby.   Follow the signs to the Reading Room reference desk to check-in with staff.  The Reading Room has been slightly reconfigured to follow spatial distancing guidelines.  You may sit where ever you choose but please do not rearrange the chairs or tables.  Be aware that we may require that you wear gloves if you need to use Stark Center materials.

Although this process appears to be complicated, in practice, it’s actually very easy and quick, especially after your first visit.  We hope it does not stop you from using the Stark Center’s materials or our light-filled Reading Room.  We trust that you understand our commitment to the health and safety of our visitors, students, staff, and faculty.